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Foreign Yet Familiar: Navigating the Complex Emotions of Living Abroad and Feeling Disconnected

Updated: Apr 24

As sitting by the water in Istanbul, with my flight for the next adventure just a week away, I couldn't help but write down these thoughts about my past month in this vibrant city.

Living in Istanbul has been a mix of excitement and uncertainty. It's like a dance with the unknown, introducing me to new experiences and perspectives.

Being away from home has a way of changing what 'home' means. The familiar hometown fades, and the new place, despite its charms, doesn't quite feel like home either. Instead, home becomes the people who share these experiences, the ones I love and who've been there for me.

Living away from home alters our very definition of the word. It's a journey that transforms our hometown from a place of belonging to a distant memory. The new place, though teeming with new experiences, doesn't quite feel like home either. Home takes on a new meaning; it becomes the people who share in our adventures, the ones who love and support us.

It's no longer just a place; it's a feeling.

For those who feel the constant ache of never truly being at home, this journey becomes an exploration of the self. The nomadic heart, constantly seeking, finds joy in the moments shared with kindred spirits. Living abroad, with its excitement and uncertainty, becomes a chapter in a story of resilience and adaptability.

So, as we go through the complex terrain of never feeling at home, let's remember that home is not confined to a single location. It's a state of being, found in shared laughter, warm moments, and the acceptance of ourselves. The journey may continue, but within it lies the true essence of home

the people who make us feel alive, no matter where we are in the world.

thank you for reading my love mwah xx

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