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10 reasons why you should travel SOLO in yours 20’s!

Updated: Jan 22

In your twenties, every penny, every weekend, and every holiday deserves to be invested in the magic of solo travel. Instead of waking up with a hangover or dancing the night away at a club for just one evening, why not immerse on a journey that lasts a lifetime? A movie might entertain you briefly, and a few days in resorts might create a fleeting illusion of a good time. However, it's when you explore new places, surrounded by strangers, unfamiliar lands, and unique cultures, that you'll unearth the most precious discovery of all—yourself. And trust me, that self-discovery will stick with you forever. So, why settle for momentary pleasures when you can collect memories that last a lifetime through the wonders of solo travel?

So let’s jump into the 10 reasons why you should travel solo in your 20’s, starting with the fact that ..

1- You'll get to know yourself better!

One of the best things about travel solo in your 20s is that you'll get to know yourself better. It's the best time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, what you like and what you don't. You’ll get to explore your passion and indulge in learning new things. You'll learn how to take decisions without someone's guidance, stretch your boundaries, take up challenges, and experience and successfully overcome culture shock during your journeys! Surely, there can be no better time to travel than now!

2- You don't have many responsibilities to deal with

Once you bag a stable job, step into your 30s, get married and/or have kids, life will start getting complicated. You'll have the responsibility to take care of your family, pay off the loans, meet the deadlines, and so on and so forth. If you decide to travel in your 20s, you can just pack your bags and get going - no one's gonna question you about anything or try to pull you back! 

3- You'll be able to learn from occasional mistakes and be a better planner

Most millennials are choosing to take a career break, or what is now popularly known as the gap year in Western countries, in order to travel abroad and gain valuable life lessons from practical experiences. As you travel and explore on your own, you'll make a lot of mistakes along the way, and eventually end up learning something important that will help you in the long run. You might land in a mess, pick a fight with the wrong person at a bar, hop on the wrong plane, or get robbed for being careless - but all of these experiences will help you to be a better planner in the future.

4- You'll have your own stories to share with others, and you can even make a career out of it

How wonderful would it be if you can sell your travel stories to make a better career for yourself? No kidding on that note, but being a well-traveled person will help you to stand ahead of your peers. Your future employers will know that you are confident, independent, and have good management skills, which you've spent a good deal of time polishing during your journeys. Even better, you can share your travel stories and experiences with others, and encourage them to explore the paths less traveled. Traveling in your 20s will also endow you with opportunities to gain other skills, like photography, blogging, learning a foreign language, etc. Remember, the world is your oyster!

5- You’ll have a new found appreciation for home

Your 20’s are some of the most transformative years of your life and at times it may seem like the most difficult to figure out. With stress to figure out your career path and future as a whole, you may start to lose appreciation for the little things in life.

Travel presents a chance to put yourself in a completely different environment where you won’t have the comforts of home. You might miss a certain food you can’t find abroad or the stillness of a small hometown when you’re in a bustling American city. You’ll come home with a whole new appreciation for things!

 6- You’re in your prime health

Why put off travel when you’re most likely at your prime physically in your 20’s? You can do everything you want to do now like jump out of a plane in Dubai,  bungee jump in Costa Rica, hike in Switzerland and SO much more! The older you get, the higher there’s a chance of travelling with an injury and having limited activities to partake in.

7- You’ll become less materialistic

Chances are, when you start to travel in your 20s, you'll realize that you don't need half of the things you own. You may stop spending so much money on material possessions when you could have invaluable experiences instead! Believe me when I say, after 6 months of full-time travel, I couldn't wait to return to Canada to get rid of all the things I had in my storage. Currently, I'm traveling the world with my backpack and carry-on, and I couldn't be happier.

8- You will definitely be fluent in more than one language! 

Believe it or not, you can still pick up new languages. Meet people from different backgrounds, and learn about them in their first language. Open up your world (and job prospects) by becoming fluent.

9- Sharpening Social Skills

While solo travel provides solitude, it also presents unique opportunities for forging connections. Conversations with fellow travellers nd locals alike become cherished moments of shared experiences. Initiating dialogues and cultivating friendships refine your communication and interpersonal skills, making you a more adept communicator in both personal and professional realms.

10- You will master the Art of Problem-Solving!

From missed trains to language barriers, solo travel shrows an array of challenges your way. Yet, every challenge is an opportunity to flex your problem-solving muscles. As you navigate these hurdles, you'll develop resourcefulness, adaptability, and an uncanny ability to stay composed under pressure

So that concludes my 10 reasons to travel solo in your 20’s! If you’re new to SOLO travel and don’t know where to start, feel free to reach out and ask me anything since I have been solo travelling for more than 7 years now! You can follow my travels on IG @TravelwithRaneem for more tips and I’ll see you back here next week.

Thank you for reading 

Raneem xx

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